Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You are a teacher or social worker extraordinaire. You went into your profession because you have a big heart and you want to make a difference in the world. You are driven by your values and compassion. You are a helper through and through, helping everyone who crosses your path.

Most often, everyone but yourself.


I know that you struggle with putting yourself first because you are so busy helping others. So busy, in fact, that you sometimes literally forget to take care of yourself, too. You are Superwoman -- you'd willingly sacrifice yourself for others. And you take the weight of the world onto your shoulders. Speaking of shoulders... Right now, I want you to take a long and slow deep breath, unclench your jaw, and lower your shoulders from up near your ears.


How did that feel? Better, I hope!


That's what I'm here for -- to help you give yourself permission to live a healthier, happier life with the aid of sustainable and intentional self-care practices. Self-care ensures that you are your best self so that you can continue making an impact in the world. You matter. And your family, your students and clients, and your daggone self, need you here, healthy, and happy.


It's time to go beyond mere existing and surviving. With effective self-care, you can thrive while increasing the difference you make for those you serve. 

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Self-Care Coach for Teachers and Social Workers

Hey! I'm Krystal, Renaissance Woman over here, as I like to call myself as I wear many hats: wife, aunt extraordinaire, educator, mental health advocate and blogger, social worker, self-care enthusiast and coach. I am mostly known for my devotion to my family, obsession with self-care, and love of life-long learning. Accordingly, I'm most passionate about helping others and ensuring their well-being, and I aim to make a difference in my small corner of the world.


Self-care is more than just a job to me. It's also personal. After a bipolar disorder diagnosis more than 10 years ago threw me for a loop, I had to rethink my self-care practices and routines. I had to become more mindful about attending to all of my needs in a holistic fashion. And thus the seed was planted to start TLC.

I am grateful that I get to work with passion-driven professional women, just like you, who are looking for ways to be more intentional about incorporating self-care in order to live with less stress and more balance. And in order to increase their impact with their students and clients. Women who want to own their brilliance and take up more space in their worlds. If you are struggling with guilt or viewing self-care as selfish, I help you give yourself permission to prioritize your own needs.


After all, the flight attendants implore us to put our own oxygen masks on first. Why? Because you're no good to those you love and those you serve if you are exhausted or burnt out. Put your own oxygen mask on first!

Self-Care Coach for Teachers and Social Workers
Self-Care Coach for Teachers and Social Workers Reviews

"Total Life Care Coaching. Wow, what can I say? Awesome. Amazing. I invested in myself and participated in one-on-one coaching with Krystal. I never thought of self-care outside of relaxing, getting my nails done, something I can physically do. Now, I know getting rid of toxic people, identifying my strengths, creating small goals, are all self-care. Krystal was very warm, and showed she cared a lot about my process and what I wanted to achieve out of coaching. Self-care coaching forced me to think of self-care in a different light; I am now focused on improving my overall self. Thank you, Krystal. Your program was truly amazing."



What My Clients Say

New Jersey Self Care Coach

In social work, we often note the importance of self-care, but the practical application of such skills rarely finds its way into the core MSW curriculum. The self-care workshop that Ms. Reddick has created is educational, experiential and interactive. My first year MSW students always have rave reviews about the relevance and utility of the workshop, which is why I continue to invite Ms. Reddick to return year after year.  



Professor and Social Worker

Self-Care Workshops in NY / NJ

My experience with the "Soul & Self Aligned Self-Care Group Coaching" was amazing! The experience allowed for self-reflection and time to set and practice achievable goals. Krystal started every session with meaningful, relevant quotes and my favorite take away was "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, and some humor, and some style ~ Maya Angelou." This quote was powerful to me because it ended the group experience with an acknowledgment of knowing and accepting the personal growth and development that was learned through the sessions. The sessions build on each other creating a larger picture of self-care, balance, and life's purpose (mind, body, and spirit).


Educational Leader