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As someone in charge of a team, you are tasked with ensuring that your staff is involved in meaningful work, engaged in collegial and collaborative work relationships, and producing quality services and products.

We all know how hard it is to do the above when your staff (and you too) are tired, overwhelmed, and nearing burnout. This pandemic has not made work and life and a work-life balance any easier.


Enter Total Life Care Coaching. Or TLC for short.


TLC offers wellness workshops centered around self-care and community care that (re)introduce folks to the power of attending to one’s needs and wellbeing. We stand by the importance of self-care. But self-care alone is not the answer, because none of us live in vacuums. We live interconnected lives and must find solutions in partnership and in community. Hence, the focus on both self-care and community care.


Our workshops are intended to provide sustainable and intentional care practices that induce calm and centeredness, deepen relation with oneself, and increase connection within community. TLC workshops are interactive and experiential; attendees implement or “try on” care practices, process and reflect, and learn from one another in a collaborative space.

Meet Krystal

Download your guide for prioritizing care for yourself and your team!

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Hi! I'm Krystal: educator, social worker, bipolar warrior, and self-care coach. I am mostly known for my devotion to my family, obsession with self-care, and love of life-long learning. Accordingly, I'm most passionate about helping others and ensuring their wellbeing, and I aim to make a difference in my small corner of the world.


Self-care is more than just a job to me. It's also personal. After a bipolar disorder diagnosis more than 10 years ago threw me for a loop, I had to rethink my self-care practices and routines. I had to become more mindful about attending to all my needs in a holistic fashion. And thus, the seed was planted to start TLC.

I am grateful that I get to work with people who are looking for ways to be more intentional about incorporating self-care in order to live with less stress and more balance. People who want to be in the driver’s seat of their life, and not driven by stressors, overwhelm, and burnout. Self-care and community care can be part of the solution you seek for yourself and your team.


After all, the flight attendants implore us to put our own oxygen masks on first. Why? Because you're no good to yourself or those dependent upon you if you are exhausted or burnt out. Put your own oxygen mask on first!

Krystal facing the camera smiling while holding three balloons. Shirt says Queen of Self-Care.
Prioritizing Care Guide

We had the privilege of having Total Life Care Coaching run a workshop for my team during our last retreat. As human resources practitioners that are focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, we needed time to reset and create affirmations that grounded us and gave us energy to move forward. Krystal created a wonderful sense of calm, she provided an excellent workbook that we could journal in and keep as a reminder to practice self care. The session flowed wonderfully and I was shocked when the 2 hours were up! I would highly recommend Total Life Care Coaching at your next retreat or work gathering. Everyone needs time to refresh, especially the helpers! I'll also mention that as an international team, Krystal was able to connect with folks from over 3 countries and worked within our time requirements. We were in London and she delivered the session virtually - and it still worked great!


DEI Professional

What My Clients Say

In social work, we often note the importance of self-care, but the practical application of such skills rarely finds its way into the core MSW curriculum. The self-care workshop that Ms. Reddick has created is educational, experiential and interactive. My first year MSW students always have rave reviews about the relevance and utility of the workshop, which is why I continue to invite Ms. Reddick to return year after year.  



Professor and Social Worker

Krystal’s workshop was just the right way to introduce the importance of self-care to our clients! She reviews the benefits of self-care, and provides plenty of self-care tips, routines and habits. Krystal makes self-care accessible by working in tandem with clients to come up with practical and affordable ways to check in with themselves. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for an interactive and insightful way to explore self-care.


Event and Project Specialist

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