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Now booking 90-Minute Intensives for summer 2024!

Here are TLC's standard Self-Care Workshops:

Cultivating a Culture of Care: A Workplace Wellness Workshop – This session will allow participants the time and space to get intentional about their care practices. Through identifying their values, focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness, and setting intentions and goals, your group will feel (re)invigorated to focus on sustainable care practices that they can use at work or home.

Practice What You Preach: A Workshop for Helping Professionals – Examining both the joys and challenges of their professional work, your group will reflect on how they can use self-care to center themselves within their personal and professional lives. They will align their why (or reasons) with intentionality in their care practices.

"We Are Each Other's": Community Care + Holding Space – In Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem “Paul Robeson,” she insists that “we are each other’s.” Indeed, we are. Self-care is important but it is incomplete without community care. Your group will dream possibilities for community.

Beyond Budgeting: A Self-Care Workshop on Financial Freedom – Financial self-care is the often overlooked area of self-care. In this workshop, participants will reflect on their money stories and money limiting beliefs. They will create SMART financial goals and understand the role gratitude plays in their financial wellness.

Take Care: A Self-Care 101 Workshop – Your group will focus on understanding their own relationship to self-care and wellness. Through journaling, examining self-care myths, and identifying healthy and unhealthy coping strategies, participants will have a foundational understanding of the importance of self-care.

With A Thankful Heart: A Workshop on Gratitude – Through various interactive activities, your group will articulate who and what they are grateful for as they deepen their gratitude practices. 


Additional Details...

  • Self-Care Demonstrations  – Each workshop includes at least one interactive self-care demonstration. You can choose from the following:

    • Affirmations

    • Aromatherapy (in-person workshop only)

    • Deep breathing

    • Gratitude

    • Journaling

    • Positive self-talk

  • Bulk Order of Journals

    • A 15% discount will apply to any bulk orders of TLC self-care products for your group ​

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