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90-Minute Intensives

Ever feel stuck in your self-care practice? Unsure of what activities or practices will provide you the greatest impact for your time, energy, and efforts? Wondering if you're doing the whole self-care thing "right"?

Have you wanted to get help but were unclear on where to go beyond simply Googling "how do I self-care?"

Have you been looking for a framework or blueprint to help navigate your care needs?

Then, read more about TLC's 90-Minute Intensives!

A TLC 90-Minute Intensive helps you navigate, (re)establish, and solidify a sustainable

self-care practice through intentionality and clarity. This 1:1 intensive offers you undivided attention for your individual questions, concerns, needs, and preferences. The framework presents a deliberate scaffolding for how to think about and implement self-care.

Here's what's included in our 90-Minute Intensive:

1) One 90-minute virtual session covering the self-care focus you select (see below)

2) Two weeks of unlimited email or Voxer text/voice note support and check-ins

3) A complimentary TLC journal to deepen your self-care practice

Your investment is $375.

self care inventory plan pg 7 snip.PNG

Thrive on Purpose: Create a 
Self-Care Practice That Sticks

Ditch the guilt, the excuses, and the inconsistency. In this intensive, you will prioritize your health, wellbeing, and happiness to live your favorite life. Before we dive in, you will assess your current wellness behaviors through a self-care inventory. Together, we will explore and examine self-care from various perspectives to create a practice that resonates with you and aligns with your needs, values, and lifestyle. You will uncover your inner WHY, dive into some soul-searching, set goals, and voilà! You'll strut out with practical and actionable wellness tips to slay your self-care game. So, are you ready to unlock your best and favorite self? Join TLC on this journey and live your life with intention, love, and care. Every. Single. Day.

Total Life Care Coaching_r1_DFS90080.jpg

Strengthen Your Gratitude Muscle: Experience the Benefits of a Thankful Heart

Get ready to put on your gratitude goggles and take a fresh peek at life! From spotting the awesome in the ordinary to embracing the tiny wins, you’ll see that there is much to be thankful for. However, this intensive isn't just about learning the importance of saying 'thank you'—it's a deep dive into how acknowledging the good in our lives can propel us toward greater happiness, improved health, and a deeper connection within our relationships (with others and ourselves). You will engage in interactive activities to actively practice gratitude that train your mind to notice and appreciate the positive. Furthermore, we will delve into the connection between toxic positivity and gratitude.

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